Execution Policy

At UM Capitals, we do not view price transparency and best execution as a competitive edge; we consider them the standard. We are committed to providing the best trading conditions for our investors because their success will guarantee our growth. From our liquidity providers to our technology suppliers, we will always seek partnerships with only the best companies in the world. Our investors will always be guaranteed of the best price feeds, tightest spreads and best execution at all times, in all market conditions.

Title Execution Policy

  • Flexible leverage up to 1:500
  • No Virtual Dealer Plug-in & No Re-quotes
  • 100% Execution Rate – No Order Rejections
  • Fast, Real-time Order Execution Every Time
  • Convenient Online and Telephonic Orders

Why UM Capitals?

  • Best Execution
    Our state-of-the-art technologies have ensured that 99% of orders are executed within milliseconds, with no re-quotes and no order rejections.
  • Deep Liquidity
    We have partnered with top-tier banks as our liquidity providers. This means that our investors trade with transparent, interbank prices on all assets, and with as minimal spreads as possible.
  • Best Prices
    Over 90% of our investors’ orders have been filled with zero or positive slippage. This means that investors pay the prevailing spread or lower when an entry order has been executed in the market.
  • Stop Losses and Take Profits
    Risk management is an important facet of investing activity. We understand this at UM Capitals, and that is why we offer a Trading Academy lessons to help in build Stop Loss and Take Profit strategies.
  • Out of Hours Trading
    From a Friday market close to the opening on Sunday, we execute all pending and limit orders at the first available prices in case of any price gaps that may occur during weekends or any market and bank holidays.
  • Volatile/Illiquid Markets
    Such markets are characterized by choppy price action and widening spreads. But UM Capitals investors will always have their orders filled at the best available prices, no matter the prevailing market conditions.