Overnight Positions

When you hold a position overnight, it may attract a positive or negative swap (depending on the asset traded), which is the cost of postponing the settlement of a transaction. This is the rollover fee. A positive swap will result in some profits for the trader, while a negative swap will be a small loss. While markets are closed on Saturday and Sunday, there is no rollover yet banks still calculate interest on these weekend positions. At UM Capitals, we apply a 3-day rollover strategy on Wednesdays to level the time gap.

about rollover

Rollover is simply the process of postponing the settlement dates of a transaction. In margin trading, rollover is agreed upon by swap contracts. UM Capitals will debit/credit funds into your trading account depending on the open positions you let run overnight.


UM Capitals investors can view the positive or negative swap charges of any trading instrument beforehand and decide if it can shift their strategy on open positions.

BOOKING rollover

UM Capitals applies rollover fees at 22:00 GMT, the standard banking daily cutoff time. Investor trading accounts will earn swaps within one hour for all trades open at 22:00 GMT.